Why visit us? 
Why visit us? 
BNI is like having your own unpaid marketing team working for you. Its not just BNI Phoenix members who benefit from participating in our meetings. We actively encourage visitors to attend. 
Our visitors gain the opportunity to gain access and to do business with a huge range of local companies. 
When you visit, we like to get to know you and we give you the chance to tell us about your business and how we can help you. When you visit us you: 
will be hosted by team members who will make your visit enjoyable and rewarding. 
will have the chance to distribute your business cards to each member of the group 
have a dedicated 60second slot in the meeting to talk about your business and what we can do to help you. 
will have plenty of chance to network with our members before the meeting and afterwards as well. 
and if you are interested in meeting specific members then your hosts will make the necessary introductions on the day! 
can also set up one-to-one meetings with as many members as you after the meeting has closed. 


We have a lot to get through in the meeting and to make sure we make the best use of our time we always follow an agenda. 
We start the meeting informally at 6:15 where until 6:45 we have open networking over coffee/tea etc. 
The meeting then starts at 6:45 and follows this typical agenda: 
Introduction of guests 
Team introductions 
Education Slot – a few minutes on a specific subject of potential interest to the group 
60 second presentations by members 
60 second presentations by guests 
Sales and Referrals update 
Member 10 minute presentation. 
Contributions from the group – Referral, Written Testimonials, Training 
The meeting closes at about 8:45 and afterwards there is more time for open networking and to following up on those important opportunities to meet with our members and of course the other guests. 


1. Arrive early 
make sure you have the maximum time to network with our members. 
2. Make sure you bring lots of business cards 
Not just a handful! 
Our meetings can have up to 40 + people and they’ll all want your card!  
3. Prepare for your 60 second presentation 
Once all of the members have given their 60 second presentations, you’ll get a chance to do one too on your own business. Think about including the following: 
Your name & business name  
Sounds obvious, but not everyone remembers! 
What you do 
A great way to tell the chapter what you do is to tell a story about how you helped a client recently. Research has shown this is far more engaging than simply listing all your products/services. 
Who would be a good referral for you 
Who do you want to do more business with? Who would help you move your business forward? Name them – you never know someone in the chapter may just be able to help. Remember, the power of BNI isn’t in the people you’ll meet at the meeting, it’s who they KNOW
Finally, if you feel nervous about giving a 60 seconds presentation, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Everyone you’ll meet at the meeting was in your position once; and they were nervous too. Just give it go. If it doesn’t quite go to plan – no one else in the room will know what you were intending to say… 
4. Follow Up! 
Don’t forget to follow up with the contacts you made. 


My name is Ian Burnett, from Itseeze Warwick Web Design 
I have designed and built a website which featured in the Daily Telegraph this February
This week I have signed up an Indian Restaurant on Broad Street in Birmingham. They need a new website which is mobile friendly, working on all devices, and has an online reservation system. 
I am looking for restaurants and takeaways with websites that are not mobile friendly and don’t offer any form of on-line booking, ordering or reservation system. 
Ian Burnett 
Itseeze Warwick – Better Designs Brilliant Results 
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